Summer is going just great! We just finished a great three day trip with our friends The Above from New York. We had a a blast and had a chance to share a  stage with a stellar garage band for three nights. Much Love to them.  Jake Torie (Chang a Lang, Parks and Rec)  played drums for this little tour and what a great performance he did under such a short notice. On another note Jeanette is kicking some serious ass on the bass and vocals. As of now keep checking in for more show updates as the calendar keeps getting filled. We are playing in Oshawa on June 2nd with our friends The Ultimate Most High. The week after that we are back in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal supporting our pals The Shotgun Wedding Band. We are now also starting to plan our first american tour with the forthcoming release of “Making Exceptions”. The first Dany laj and the Looks lp. We are planning on making this all happen in the fall. Oh and the picture of me holding “Look” records was taken by Jeanette at Record Centre in Ottawa while shopping for records. Great Shop! If you get a chance to speak to John the owner he may be able to show you some real nice gems. Keep checking the shows section to see us live!!  P.S. Check out Jake and Jeanette at the Garrison on Thursday as they are playing there with Chang A Lang. Word. – El Lajolinski





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