On the very sunny Wednesday of August 22nd 2012, while perhaps in a hungover state of personal apocalypse, subsequent to last night’s gig at The Dakota Tavern, I look at Jeanette and ask, “Want to go to Graffiti’s for a beer?” She smirks and says yes. So we do. In we come. We sit at the bar and order a couple sodas. Sean (who, for some reason, is bartending, instead of being on the field with the Marlies) gladly grants our wishes. While drinking our cold tasties, I see a man come out of the sun entering the dark atmosphere of the bar in question.  I greet him with a “How are ya?”  “Good,” he says, and takes his shades off. It’s the one and only Geoff Marshall. Geoff lets us know that he has his place up for sublet in Montreal for September and October.  So, here we are – after a week-end of heading up to Magnetawan to play Lorussopalooza and doing a super fun Rezillo’s stint for the Sid’s Kids Residency at The Painted Lady, we’re headed to Montreal. I’ve been known to move a bit. I’ve done years in North Bay and Sudbury, went back to my home town of Kirkland Lake twice, even had a bit of time in Ottawa. I guess one can say that during my still young 16-year career as a musician I’ve been somewhat nomadic. I’ve found a band that is willing to take the fall with me, and can only be grateful of having Jeanette Dowling and Vassil Mester as my rhythm section. I thank the Looks so much for being able to do this with me on such short notice.  So, as it stands now, Telepathic Voices comes out on November 15th 2012 on Boppa Do Down Records, and we take residence in Montreal for two months. You’ll probably find us at Barfly in Montreal. We’ll be having our “Double Launch” party at The Magpie on Sunday, September 2nd. I say “Double Launch” cause it’s the re-launch party for the Magpie, and our launch into Montreal. They say it’s their customer appreciation day, we say It’s the Dany Laj and The Looks appreciation day. Beers between  7pm and 9pm (NO SHIT!), then we rock three sets of power pop. Link for the party is here: http://www.facebook.com/events/510535048972429/

I will be posting pics and a video from the weekend taken by Jeanette Dowling and Henry Martinuk. The Video also by Henry.  Oh, and before you go, check out Geoff Marshall’s music at http://marshallcountry.com/

Check out the show dates in the shows section. Plenty of  them!! Click on the pictures for a description.

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