Finally! We are now done with the recording. It’s being sent all over the place!! Things are just getting more exciting for the Looks’ summer up ahead!! Shows and places to be!! Get yourselves ready for “Making Exceptions” in the fall, that’ll be the first as Dany Laj and the Looks. While we were waiting for the whole process we went ahead and did a live recording session at Crawford St Studio. The idea of this mini document was to capture how we sound live. These sessions will be forever be known as the “Chamberlain Sessions”. We did two tracks that will be featured on the new record; “I Know You Want Out” and “Killing The Pleasure”. From these sessions we also did a very new track called “Mr. Rebound”. It was tons of fun but also nerve racking to have these camera’s filming us doing what we normally do in shed or on a stage where we jam.  Thanks to Ian Gomez, James Hayward, Martin Von Tours and Denis Chouinard for making this happen!!  Check the shows section to see us live!! The mini document above!! Click Play!! subir el volumen a diez!!!  (turn volume up to 10!!) – El Lajolinski





Alrightos amigos! A couple of months have gone by!! We had some very fun and exciting shows in northern and south east of Ontario and Quebec. Where we already made some really good friends to say the least.  The year is just starting folks, me and the Looks have have quite the agenda for you!! The new record is now all tracked!! In the mixing and mastering stage. Jeanette is fitting right in. Me and Sean had a moment at band practice the other night when we both realized that it’s been already 3 years since we started playing together. Yeah we have touring plans just up ahead and not to forget a full new record, videos, merchandise and all that fun fan stuff.  Stay Tuned. Very Tuned. – El Lajolinski










So here we are in 2012! This year is my sweet sixteen, which to me means I’ve been an active musician for 16 years. Me and the Looks have been working hard on completing the next full length at Magnetic studios with Dan Beeson under the tentative working title of “Making Exceptions”. This didn’t go without changes to be made in the Looks camp. Christian has left the band to pursue a career with the CBC in Calgary. I was sad when I heard the news, but under the same breath I was also very happy for him. I know that he’ll be part of great musical projects in the future. He’s a great guy and fun to play in a band with. Sean for some reason is still in the band. I love his chops, I even overheard him saying that he likes my songs a couple times. Go figure. At this point I must take the opportunity to introduce you to miss Jeanette Dowling (of Toronto’s Power Pop sensation “CHANG A LANG”). Jeanette has taking on the role of bass and backups with the Looks. Jeanette and Sean will be taking on the vigorous task of making me sound good. Check out the shows section for our upcoming shows in Sudbury, North Bay, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. On February 11th CBC’s  “Bandwidth” (with Amanda Putz!) …will be airing a section of their show on me! Check your local listings for that one.   I will leave you with a new picture of the revised  version of the Looks that I’m so excited about! For the record, the one that doesn’t look good in the picture is me. See ya at the next show!


Photo by: Jack Martin




Welcome to Danylaj.com!!

2011 was a wonderful year for me and my music.  I’ve had the chance to play for some wonderful people, in all parts of the eastern arm of this country.  The Looks have been keeping me in just the right shape. We have an animation video coming out for “the match”, a couple 7″s and a full length coming out  in the new year. That my friends is why we’ve been working on 21 tracks at Magnetic studios in Guelph ON.

We do have some shows to hold you over till then. Find them in the shows section. Also you can order “the Match” from the store section. You can also purchase it digitally by clicking on the Bandcamp logo! (BC) Enjoy the live video below! More news ahead!! I Have to get back to my hacking. The man, the minute, the hour.   – Dany Laj


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  1. See you at The Bull and Quench in North Bay, Dany!