Touring around in a rock ‘n roll band can be somewhat of a boxing match – you need to be able to take some punches as well as you can throw them. You can’t just admit to defeat and be a wimp. Dany Laj is now attempting his 9th round comeback in Canada’s maritimes. Most wonder why he’s still standing but when you can write hooks, left hooks and take it on the chin with ‘Looks’ in your corner, there’s no reason to throw in the towel. Muhammad Ali said it best: “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” Come see what the fuss is all about.










Hot Stuff. We just moved into a new place in Montreal and for the occasion we’ll be playing a show in our new hood, at L’Esco (4467 St-Denis) on Friday July 12th with Yardlets (Mtl) and The BB Guns (T.O.).  It’ll be a hell of a party. The next night we’re off to Cornwall ON for the Lift Off hot-air balloon festival. We’ll be playing this bar called Lola’s. If you haven’t seen it yet here’s a link  to the feature Aux TV did on us for NXNE. (http://www.aux.tv/2013/06/nxne-questionnaire-dany-laj-and-the-looks-on-why-theyre-the-real-deal/) Also, I am gonna post some pics taken by our friend Jay Miller that he took during two of our shows from our NXNE marathon a couple weeks back. Keep checking the shows section. Things are coming in quite fast. Hold tight. News coming soon on the new 45 and possibly a live tape.  And yes, we are back out east in August, in addition to a Quebec tour for the end of August – we’re hammering out the final details now, so stay tuned!  Thanks for your support. – El Lajolinski


NXNE ’13



Hey guys’n’gals!

I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone who has come out to see us play during the Popefully Yours Tour, all the bands we played with, and everyone that helped us along the way, from Sudbury ON to Halifax NS – we had a fantastic time. Summer has started to kick in here in Montreal and we are enjoying some much needed time off. Everyone who’s been following us understands that we’ve basically spent 10 months on the road, sometimes not knowing where we  lived or where we were stationed. We got a new jam space and have been working on some new songs. I mean after all that’s been happening over the last year, there are plenty of new experiences  for a couple of records worth of songs, really. I thought I’d take advantage of this time to let you know what’s going to be happening with us this summer, starting with June 1st at the new Toronto venue our friend Joel French has been promoting, Izakaya Sushi House. We will be playing that show with our Boppa Do Down label mates; The Nature Boys. Should be a party! (https://www.facebook.com/events/134909443360193/?fref=ts)

Then we are back in Toronto for NXNE,  Here are the dates so far.

JUNE 13TH – 3030 Dundas West w/ SHBTI  (Record Release) 10 pm

JUNE 14TH – ‘Of A Kind’ Record shop – 7-7:30 pm.

JUNE 15th –  The Sister – NXNE *official showcase*

JUNE 16th – The Communist’ Daughter – 5-8 pm w/ John Borra and Sam Farrara.



Our Magwheel Records 45rpm split with The Meeting of Important People (Pittsburgh) is in the works. Waiting on a release date so just hold tight. Look for an announcement in the next couple of weeks.

Also we are gonna be back in the Maritimes in the beginning of August. Look out for those dates.

Also we are in the middle of booking our end of August/September Tour of la belle province of Quebec. Our Boppa Do Down counterparts The Above  (www.theabovebrooklyn.com) will be joining us on that one.

Keep checking in. Always check the “shows” section. New “Foto” section. Enjoy the pics below.  – El Lajolinski







Dany Laj’s Popefully Yours Tour (April 2013)


Dany Laj is jealous of all the attention that the Pope has been getting lately. Along with his crack team The Looks, he has decided to don the robes, get back into his Popemobile, and head out for his third Eastern Canada tour in six months.

The People’s Pope will give rock & roll sermons on humility and compassion to his adoring masses along the road to the east coast.

Originally hailing from Kirkland Lake, a mining town in Northern Ontario, the Pope Dany was duly elected by a conclave of rock ‘n roll cardinals and hockey bishops.

Come on out, participate in this musical communion and imbibe the holy spirits with he who is Popefully Yours, Dany Laj. 

“I’m on a mission to liberate every collapsed Catholic on my path. I want to let them know that’s there’s an alternate option: a People’s Pope. I’m here, I have arrived. Pleased to meet you,” says Laj. 

Joining the People’s Pope on this tour will be The Looks, consisting of Arch-Bishop Lewis Handford and Mother Jeanette Dowling.


APRIL 2013

11 th- The Silver Dollar – Toronto On w/ John Jerome and The Congregation, Taylor Knox Band and Ketamines

12 th – Murphy’s pub – Oshawa On

13 th – The Casbah – Hamilton On

17 th – Brutopia – Montreal Qc

18 th – Resto Bar Le Deck –  Edmunston Nb 

19 th – Gus’Pub – Halifax Ns –  w/ The Sorrys & Lightmares & Willie Stratton

20TH – Plan B – Moncton Nb  – w/ The Lonesome Line

27th – Anachronik Festival (St-Ciboire)  – Montreal Qc


In support of the “Telepathic Voices EP” Brought to you by Boppa Do Down Records.




So, folks, this month will mark 17 years of me playing music. I had my first experience playing guitar in a punk band called Swank in March of 1996 at the Polish Hall in Kirkland Lake ON, and through all these years I have never stopped being active. Things have changed drastically in the music business since then – the digital age has hit us in full effect; people have come and gone. I’ve played in many bands since then; I’ve traveled and still travel everywhere around this country.  I still, after all these years, haven’t really figured anything out – to this day I book most of my shows on the phone, and make my own posters, contracts and contacts the old fashioned way.  I put out records, go out to shows, build new friendships, and fight for what’s right. I am able to do these things thanks to people like you who are reading my blog.  So to all my present and past band members, the people who come out to my shows, pay the cover, buy my merch or buy me  a drink or two, the bands,songwriters and dj’s I have shared a bill with, the bars,venues,festivals and promoters who have believed in me: thank you so much!! 17 more years to go!

In other news, we have a new double A side split 7″ coming out in June. The 45 will feature our cover of  Quebec’s first true rocktar, Michel Pagliaro’s “Lovin You Ain’t Easy”.  The cover (above) was laid out by Jeanette Dowling and the cover photo was taken by Jack Martin (www.sevres-babylone.com).

The other side will feature Pittsburgh’s garage pop sensation, Meeting of Important People (http://www.meetingofimportantpeople.com), covering a song from 60’s pop band Every Mother’s Son. This 7″ will be brought to you by Mag Wheel Records (http://www.magwheel.com).

Check out the great reviews  for our “Telepathic Voices” EP from Sweden and The UK.

Sweden: Ice Cream Man power pop Blog (http://icecreamman1967.blogspot.ca/2013/02/dany-laj-and-looks-telepathic-voices.html)

UK: Elusive Little Comments Blog (http://www.elusivelittlecomments.co.uk/2013/03/dany-laj-and-looks-telepathic-voices.html)


Please be sure to buy our music at our bandcamp site (http://danylaj.bandcamp.com/album/telepathic-voices), both of our ep’s are available there digitally.

On another note, we do have a whole record in the can, we’re just shopping around for a proper release. A new video is in the works for the song “What’s Wrong With You” on our last ep, Telepathic Voices.  Check the shows section for our upcoming shows – we’ll be back in the east coast and southern Ontario in April, with a fresh new batch of merch for you. See ya there.

– El Lajolinski



So here we are, Lajer Day Saints – just a few short weeks and we start another tour supporting our “Telepathic Voices” EP. We’re gonna hit some new places and some places of old that we’ve hit a bunch already. We can’t wait  to see all the wonderful faces that we’ve made it a custom to know this last little while. Our last time  in the Maritimes was a blast, and we met some really great people – we can’t wait to get back there, with Halifax and Moncton to get the stew brewing. Also on this tour we’re playing Edmunston and Sackville for the first time. We’re very curious to see if they can cut the mustard – I believe they can. Oshawa, Toronto and Hamilton, throw on your leather jackets, ear muffs and lipbalm and come to our shindig, should be  a flippin hoot like always. Montreal, you’ll see plenty of us before we get going and twice on tour so keep quiet. We’re here.  Check the shows section for the tour dates! Tell your friends!! Bring some merch money. Buy us a beer. We like that. Oh, and a word about the link below: we did a cover of a Michel Pagliaro song called ‘Lovin You Ain’t Easy’ just over a year ago for Mag Wheel Records. It’s not out yet but we thought we’d give you a stream of it. See ya at the show! – El Lajolinski






Holy cow – what just happened?  One minute we were living in Montreal, the next we found ourselves living back in Toronto, the next, watching  some drunk girl get her stomach pumped in Sydney NS. Between playing an outstanding  show in Halifax with local bands The Sorrys and Lava, to being caught in the middle of a crazy holiday storm in Rouyn-Noranda QC; from writing our names on the wall at Plan B in Moncton, to seeing the names of other bands we’ve been in or played with at The Townehouse Tavern in Sudbury; from getting wreaths from Saint Andrews NB, to feeling Lucky Ron’s stomp in Ottawa. Getting a whiff of 110%  through B.A Johnston’s armpits has never smelled so good. Yes Lajer Day Saints, this is what touring Canada’s underground is like for us – we have been fine tuned. Lewis Handford has now joined us on drums. Lewis is a fine chap who hails from Victoria, who has been living in Montreal playing in various acts. You may know him from CerAmony, The JimmyRiggers or The Marshalls. By all means, come check him out, he fits right in. We’re gearing up to spend January and February in Montreal, partly to bring Lewis up to speed and partly get ready for our second Eastern Canada tour in support of our ep ‘ TELEPATHIC VOICES’.  We’ll be resuming our Sunday afternoon residency at our beloved Montreal watering hole Barfly, weekly from 6-9pm.  As for the tour, check out the shows section for dates and venues, all dates are posted as follows. Click on the album art on the right and get free d-loads and automatically join our mailing list! All pics below by Jeanette Dowling except for the one with her and the puppy, I took that one.  Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support in 2012. It’s been a great year!

– El Lajolinski




So folks here we are!! Off touring Eastern Canada in support of the new EP, “Telepathic Voices”. You can stream it on bandcamp here:  http://danylaj.bandcamp.com/album/telepathic-voices

During our two months in Montreal, we decided to record an EP and make that “Telepathic Voices”, instead of the unreleased record that we finished earlier this year.  Although we love that record, the move to Montreal (as you well know, if you follow this blog) was a very spontaneous one, and we really wanted to capture the impromptu spirit and excitement of our new living situation. With help from Dominic Lafontaine and Ben Leggett, it all became possible. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the ‘Shows’ section of this site so you can check out our time capsule in a city near you!

The Telepathic Voices tour officially started last week, and it’s been nothing but fun so far. We joined forces with our friends Previous Tenants last Thursday in Oshawa; they’re a wicked pop-punk band from East Vancouver who just wrapped up their cross-Canada tour.  Rather fitting that they’d be the ones to start us up in style, since they sent us off in style from the Barfly at our last residence date the previous Sunday.  Check out their bandcamp here:  http://previoustenants.bandcamp.com/

The next day saw us off to the great white North, my hometown of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, for a one-two punch Friday and Saturday at KL’s one and only watering hole, the Bellevue Tavern.  It was really nice to see lots of familiar faces, and plenty of new ones, too!

We’re taking a few days of well-deserved rest this week in preparation of heading east, and also gearing up for our release parties in North Bay this weekend (with Holly Cunningham on Friday, and B.A. Johnston and Todd Gallant on Saturday), and the Dakota Tavern (Thursday the 15th, with Rad Habits and Pow-Wows).  Check the tour schedule for the rest of the east coast dates, but one quick note to those of you in Sudbury:  you asked for it, and you got it – a release party has been added at The Townehouse Tavern on Thursday December 6th!

So many awesome shows coming up, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you all there.


Pleased to meet you.

So here we are in Montreal. After a three day venture in the timber-filled Canadian Shield setting of Northern Ontario; Sudbury, North Bay, you were a lot of fun. After wheeling ourselves out of Ontario North we had to make a stopover in Toronto to say goodbye to what was our favorite record store in the city, Hits & Misses. Pete, you are not only an expert in your field, you are also an outstanding individual and a good friend. I know that my counterparts in the Looks share the same thoughts about you. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors and are looking forward to seeing you again in the very near future. In comes the week of new beginnings. We start Monday night at the Barfly, Jeanette and I trying to give our heads a shake. To think about it, two and a half weeks ago we had no clue we were gonna end up in Montreal. “Couple blondes, Ted, couple Jamesons, thanks, Ted.”  To think of it, though, so far we’ve met very wonderful people here. Everyone has been very welcoming. In our, I guess, somewhat steadfast manner we set up a Sunday residency at the Barfly, which happens to be up the street and around the corner from where we are living. (5 – 10 minute walk..!) Perfect for a home away from home, and very natural for us to take a residency there.  Montreal, we are pleased to meet you.  Make sure to check the shows section!! Dates added every couple of days!! New sunday residency at Barfly in Montreal! See ya soon!! – El Lajolinski

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