Pleased to meet you.

So here we are in Montreal. After a three day venture in the timber-filled Canadian Shield setting of Northern Ontario; Sudbury, North Bay, you were a lot of fun. After wheeling ourselves out of Ontario North we had to make a stopover in Toronto to say goodbye to what was our favorite record store in the city, Hits & Misses. Pete, you are not only an expert in your field, you are also an outstanding individual and a good friend. I know that my counterparts in the Looks share the same thoughts about you. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors and are looking forward to seeing you again in the very near future. In comes the week of new beginnings. We start Monday night at the Barfly, Jeanette and I trying to give our heads a shake. To think about it, two and a half weeks ago we had no clue we were gonna end up in Montreal. “Couple blondes, Ted, couple Jamesons, thanks, Ted.”  To think of it, though, so far we’ve met very wonderful people here. Everyone has been very welcoming. In our, I guess, somewhat steadfast manner we set up a Sunday residency at the Barfly, which happens to be up the street and around the corner from where we are living. (5 – 10 minute walk..!) Perfect for a home away from home, and very natural for us to take a residency there.  Montreal, we are pleased to meet you.  Make sure to check the shows section!! Dates added every couple of days!! New sunday residency at Barfly in Montreal! See ya soon!! – El Lajolinski

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